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Coupons VS Vouchers. What's the difference?

Coupons and vouchers are almost the same. But we, at Coupontools, see it like this.


In marketing, a coupon can be redeemed for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product. E.g. 30% discount, give-aways, and pay 1 receive 2.
Coupons are mainly used for discounts in several districts (restaurants, retail, hotels, etc.). There is no payment needed (but it is possible to set it up on a coupon) to receive a discount.
Coupons have several claim actions in order to get them redeemed.

These claim actions are:

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Enter personal data
Install an app
Watch a video


Vouchers are like gift cards. The customers make a payment through the voucher to receive an evidence of the purchased value in which he/she can redeem in the future. Stripe and PayPal are our current payment providers we support in the Coupontools platform.
Vouchers will also be send to the customer's email address immediately after they have entered their personal details. The email will also contain the order/payment confirmation.
Keep in mind the voucher's worth has to be consumed in one visit. It can't be split over multiple visits.

This is what the validation page looks like on a coupon:

This is what the validation page looks like on a voucher:

Updated on: 25/06/2021

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