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Can I setup a validity time after the customer has claimed their coupon?

Each coupon has a fixed expiration date.
By using a "validity time after claim" you can shift the expiration date based on the users interation.

Example usage

Create urgency to increase conversions and sales.

In the digital age, customer journeys are complex. The buying process meanders between multiple channels and devices. It’s rarely linear.

What’s more, the journey to purchase is often lengthy. With such a breadth of choice and range of prices, customers may take days, weeks, or even months researching options.

Adding elements into the customer experience that create urgency speeds things along. It pushes those considering buying to do so now, to avoid missing out.

Strategic use of urgency triggers purchases from impulse and frequent buyers. It can even generate demand that leads to sales that may not have otherwise happened.

With this feature you are able to create a campaign where the consumer receives a discount and make that offer only available for a certain time (eg until the end of the day, the end of the month or a few hours only). You can also show a countdown timer.

How do I set it up?

Here's how you setup an expiration date after the customer has claimed their coupon

1: go to 'After Claim' on your coupon builder

2: On that page you'll see that there's an option that says 'Validity time after claim'. There you can choose between 'until coupon expires' and '12 months'

Updated on: 04/03/2020

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