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Does Coupontools have price packages between Bronze and Gold?

Yes, we do!

Bronze package: Up to 10,000 user interactions for $97.
Silver package: Up to 50,000 user interactions for $297
Gold package: Up to 250,00 user interactions for $697

For more information about the difference between our default pricing packages, check this article.


Between the Bronze and Silver you have 1 upgrade option.

Bronze+: Up to 30,000 user interactions for $197

Between the traditional Silver package and the Gold package there are several Silver upgrade options. These upgrade packages increase the amount of user interactions.

Silver+: Up to 100,000 user interactions for $397

Silver++: Up to 150,000 user interactions for $497

Silver+++: Up to 200,000 user interactions for $597

If you exceed 200,000 user interactions then you will automatically go to Gold plan $697

Updated on: 25/06/2021

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