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Can I upload my own barcodes?

Yes, you can use your own barcodes combined with our coupon solution.

If you own a POS which allows you to generate unique barcode values you can generate those codes in the POS and upload them into Coupontools so your coupons are directly scannable at your POS.

First create your coupon with the coupon builder.
Go to the "Validation methods" under "After claim" and turn on 'Display your own imported validation codes'.

A button that says 'Manage your own validation codes' will pop up right next to it.

How to import unique barcodes?

click on "Import" to open the page where you can import your validation codes.

How to setup my coupon to display those barcodes?

in the 'validation methods' page you can enable "show a barcode" and select the barcode format (eg QR code, GS1, UPCA, etc)

How does it look for consumers who use the coupon?

Our software will grab for each coupon one (1) unique bar code value and display it on the validation page. Each coupon will display a unique bar code value.

Updated on: 20/02/2020

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