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How do I validate a coupon with a location password by scanning a QR-code or by using the validation widget?

If you want to validate by using the location password. you will first have to set up a location on the coupon where you have to fill in the company name, email address, password and (optional) location details. This page can be found by going to 'Location' under 'General Settings'

After you have set up a location on your coupon you can start testing location password. The first method is to scan the QR-code on the validation page of your coupon. You can use the QR-scanner of our Validation app to scan the QR-code.


After scanning the QR-code it will ask you to enter a password. there you can enter a location password.

The second way to validate a coupon with location password is to use the validation widget.

Normally, if you login on it will ask you to enter your login credentials before you can validate a coupon.

But it is also possible to login with your widget key and with location password

With the validation widget the customer will see their widget code on the validation page.

Updated on: 20/02/2020

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