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How works your validation widget/app?

In this article we will explain to you how our validation widget & app works.

Difference widget vs app
The app is a native app, available in the Google Play & IOS app stores.
The validation widget is a HTML5 validation link which can run on any device with an internet connection. Both tools work exact the same.

How to enable it?
In order to activate the validation widget for your coupon you must go to the validate options under 'After Claim' of your coupon builder and turn on 'Validation widget'

If enabled your coupons will display a unique 6-digit validation code on the coupon's validation page. This unique validation code can be entered in the validation widget/app to validate the coupon. The same code cannot be used twice.

Setting up the validation widget/app:

Using the validation widget & app:
After you have set up your validation widget, then it's time to use it!

First, you need to enter your login credentials on the widget URL link or on the validation app

After you have successfully logged in you will see this:

The code to validate the coupon, is the unique 6-digits validation code that is displayed on the customer's coupon:

Enter the code on your validation widget:

After you have entered a valid validation widget code it will be marked as used and you can (optional) add some more details about the user or purchase such as: Gender, name, email, phone, money spent, etc... . These details will also be saved to the statistics and can be exported from the statistics page.

To validate a coupon validation widget code with the 'Validation App', do the following: Click on 'Coupons' on the main menu

Enter your validation widget key and password

Enter the customer validation widget code

and repeat the process of entering more details after you have entered the validation widget code.

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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