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How can I integrate the coupons in my POS through barcodes?

Basic validation methods:

Here you can find an overview of our basic validation methods.

Basic validation methods are easy to use for small businesses and they don't require an advanced POS setup with barcodes.

Advanced POS integration with barcodes.

A) Generate unique barcodes in your POS platform and let Coupontools display a unique barcode on each coupon.

How does it work? The existing POS system generates a batch of for example 100 000 unique barcodes. You are able to import those barcode values for a coupon and setup your preferred barcode format. Our platform will random use those barcodes and display a unique barcode on each coupon. The POS recognizes if the barcode is unique and valid.

Available barcode formats:

B) Setup a fixed barcode value

If your POS platform cannot create unique barcode values you can setup a fixed barcode value in the coupon. Coupontools will display the same barcode for every user.
Advantage: it's scannable with the POS barcode scanner
Disadvantage: because every coupon has a identical barcode you cannot prevent fraud and cannot track back the barcode to the user.

C) Integrate your POS platform with our API.

We offer and API + webhooks to create a seamless integration with any internet enabled POS platform. The POS system needs to create an integration with our API. There might be extra costs involved.

Updated on: 22/10/2019

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