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How are coupons secured?

Whether you need your customers to print coupons or using their smartphone to redeem, our technology will ensure it is delivered in the most secure and accessible way possible. We provide several security options that are sure to meet your security requirements. Every coupon automatically has basic protection, based on a cookie and a unique coupon code.

Single-use coupons

Single-use coupon codes are unique links (one-time promotion links wich are unique to each individual). When you're using our email or SMS (texting) integrations, our system will automatically generate unique, single use URLs. You can also generate single-use codes with our API or our single use code generation tool.

Date and time restrictions

You can add date and time restrictions to the coupons, including an expiry date and a start date. We offer additional time restriction solutions. For example: a coupon is only valid 3 days after receiving (flexible expiry date) or a coupon is valid only 24 hours after claiming.

Amount restrictions

You can set a maximum amount of coupon claims/validations. If the maximum is reached, our system automatically stops distributing coupons.

Social login registration

You can ask a consumer to have a social login before accessing the coupon. We offer solutions for Facebook Connect, Google Login and email/password registration. This adds extra security because customers cannot use the coupon twice.

Updated on: 22/10/2019

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