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How do I add a coupon to a coupon directory?

There are 2 ways to add a Coupon to a Coupon Directory.

1: Using the launch section of the Coupon Builder.

Start in Campaigns and click on the edit-button of the coupon you want to add to your directory.

Via 'Launch (1)' you are directed to the launch section in the Coupon Builder. Here, select 'Add to Directory (2)'.

Next, click on the green +-button.

A modal pops up. Select which Coupon Directory you want to add your coupon to (1) and click on 'Proceed (2)'.

Congratulations! The Coupon has been added to your Coupon Directory.

Make sure that your Coupon is in 'active modus'!

2: Using the Coupon Directory builder

Navigate to the Coupon Directories Overview on the left menu of your Coupontools dashboard. Select 'Create Directory' if you want to create one from scratch. Select 'edit' if you want to use an existing Coupon Directory.

In the Coupon Directory Builder, navigate to 'Cards (1)' on the left menu of your Builder. Next, open the dropdown Campaigns (2) and click on 'Content manager (3)'.

In the new modal, you click '+ Add Campaign'.

First, you choose between coupons or vouchers to add to your directory (1). Then select which coupons/vouchers you would like to add to your directory (2) and click on 'Proceed (3)'.

Updated on: 06/10/2022

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