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How do I move an existing coupon to my subaccount?

To move an existing coupon to one of your coupons, go to the coupons overview on your dashboard.
There you click on the button 'Actions' on one of the coupons you want to assign to your subbacount

If you have clicked on it a dropdown will showup underneath 'actions' asking you what you want to do with it. click on the option 'Move'
Note: you already need to have the subaccount created before you take this action.

Select the folder of your sub account (folder has the same name as username of the sub account), click on save, and your coupon has been moved to their sub account.

(NOTE: If you have Bronze subscription, then it's not possible to move coupons to your sub accounts. The sub accounts feature is only possible if you have Silver or Gold subscription)

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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