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How to resell Coupontools? Can you advice me some reseller revenue models?

Keep in mind: Even the simplest campaign delivered by developers and creative agencies would start at a minimum of 1000 USD for a custom solution. Coupontools changes this opportunity dramatically by reducing the time and development costs associated with Coupon & Voucher designs.
We can only give you examples of how other resellers are reselling our services. The exact amount which your client should pay is something you have to decide for yourself.
It depends on your country, client type, and the value you bring your client.

Monthly subscription billing

Ask for a monthly subscription for the maintenance and hosting of the campaigns.
For example, 30-100 USD per month for smaller traffic, and 100-300 USD for larger traffic.
Charge a setup fee (e.g. 200-500 USD) to set up a new campaign.

Create campaigns for customers based on a design/setup fee + subscription fee

In this scenario, you're designing digital campaigns (coupons, vouchers,...) for your customer.

Design/setup fee
He pays you for a ready-to-use digital campaign. You design the entire campaign yourself and provide it to your customer. This is a fixed fee that's based on the design work you have to put it.
Subscription fee
This fee is based on: for how long will the campaign run? But it also includes campaign adjustments and support that you're providing.

TIP: If you want to maintain full control of the campaign you designed for your customer, you can set up a max. number of user interactions for a campaign. Mainly because the Coupontools subscription you have does the same thing. The last thing that you want to happen is that the campaign exceeds your subscription's interactions and that you need to carry the cost. That's why you can limit the number of user interactions for a campaign. Request access to this feature by contacting support.

Subaccounts aren't required because you're designing campaigns for them. In some cases, it's better to create campaigns for your customers than allowing them to create campaigns themselves due to limited tech knowledge or time. However, you can assign them a subaccount so that they can ONLY check their campaign's performance for example. In our experience, it is nice to let your customers view the campaign's performance themselves so that your customers have some sort of control themselves.

Commission-based billing

You are able to track opens, claims, and validations per campaign. Charge your client a fixed fee based on success rate.
The commission value depends on the value you offer your client.

Return on invests

We always suggest starting your calculations from your CLIENT's POINT OF VIEW
If your client has a restaurant and you bring in 100 new customers per month, with an average spent of 50$, your client generates 5000$ turnover. He will happily pay 500$ monthly for your services. Every customer wants a positive ROI (return on investment)

If your client has a webshop and he sell products of 5$ and you help him with a campaign and you bring 20 new clients who had a 1$ discount, it only results in a 100$ turnover only, minus the costs and discounts so this client cannot pay you a monthly fee of 100$.

First, estimate the value you bring your client and calculate your fees based on those results.
A client who does not have a positive ROI will stop using your services.

Note: The value you offer is not ONLY based on the amount of redemptions or generated turnover. Digital customer data for their CRM, visibility, security (single-use coupons), gamification (fun factor) are also valuable for your client!

Upsell with additional services

You can upsell combined with Coupontools additional services to your clients which bring more value for your client so you can charge more.

Examples of upselling:
- Manage email campaigns
- Manage SMS campaings
- Sell hardware (WiFi routers, beacons, NFC stickers, validation stamps, ...)
- Combine campaigns with Facebook Ads to bring clients instead of just providing a Coupon campaign.
- Build a website or app for your client to host a Coupon Directory
- Combine Coupons with traffic (Google Ads, PPC ad networks, etc)

Try to convince your clients to stay for at least 3 months period to give you enough time to optimize his campaign and adjust the strategy if needed. Also try multiple distribution methods: email campaign + SMS campaign + Social Media campaign and track the results per campaign so you understand which method works the best for them.

How to convince your clients to go digital?

There are dozens of reasons that tell us to go mobile. Use these items below to convince your customer!

Measurement / ROI

With Digital Coupons, every Coupon is traceable. You can offer them live insights into your marketing campaign.


Digital Coupons can be distributed on cross-media marketing channels: Social Media, SMS, Email, Beacons, WiFi, QR codes, websites, apps, ...

Quality databases

Acquire digital customer data and sync that data with their existing CRM to use it for re-marketing


Digital Scratch&Win Coupons and other games makes it more fun for the customers

Fraud protection

Ability to distribute single-use Coupons


Due to the Covid-19 crisis, customers don't want paper Coupons anymore but 100% digital coupons + touchless coupon validation

Your client is not conviced yet?

If your client isn't convinced yet, offer them a FREE TRIAL so they can play around of a few days or weeks
Offer them a POC (Proof of concept): for example, a 3 months package at reduced fees to show them how much value you have to offer. After the 3 months you renegotiate the monthly fees based on the results.

Updated on: 03/07/2023

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