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Set up pricing packages for your subaccounts

It is possible to set up predefined pricing packages with different features included. It is very important that you think through what features and accesses you include because this is where your pricing will be based on. Follow my lead to learn more about the setup.

First, press on 'subaccounts' (1) and then select 'payment settings' (2). Then, click 'create packages' (3).

Hit the green +-button to start creating your first package. The modal below appears.

General settings

1) Package name: Compose a package name. It will be visible for the subaccount.
2) Package color: Select the package color. Press on the color window and swipe to change the color.
3) Price per month: Configure the package's cost price per month. It will be displayed in the same currency as your main account's currency.
4) Package visible for customers: Enable this if you want to display the package to your subaccounts. If disabled, the subaccount can not see this package and can only access it if you assigned it to the subaccount.
5) Maximum active campaigns: Enable 'active campaigns' to limit the number of active campaigns a subaccount may have. If you don't enable it, the subaccount can have unlimited active campaigns.
6) Maximum user interactions per month: Your account (admin account) is billed for the number of user interactions. Thanks to this feature you can make sure that your subaccounts don't exceed the number of interactions included in your admin account's package. Enable the feature and set up a predefined number of user interactions included in the package. If the feature is disabled, the subaccount can use unlimited user interactions per month.
7) Builder type: select if a subaccount has access to the 'text-only builder', lite builder or advanced builder. The text-only builder allows the subaccount, like the name already reveals, to edit the texts displayed on the coupon. Here's more information about the difference between the lite and advanced builder: What is the difference between the Lite and Advanced coupon builder?
8 ) Templates: select if a subaccount has access to all available templates, only the Coupontools templates or only your designed templates. Make sure to assign your coupons as a template. Here's how to do it: How do I save my coupon as a template?

Now it's time to configure what features and access are included in the package. Follow my lead.

* Coupon/Voucher/Directory settings:

Create: ability to create coupons/vouchers/directories from scratch
Edit: ability to edit coupons/vouchers/directories you assign to the subaccount.
Remove: ability to delete coupons/vouchers/directories from their overview.
Statistics: ability to check the coupons/vouchers/directories statistics and their performance.
Export: ability to export the statistics to a CSV file.

For Coupons, there's also another feature. 'Gamified Coupons'.

Gamified coupons: if enabled, you can select what types of gamified coupons are included in the package. If disabled, none are included and only regular coupons will be available.

* Dashboard settings:

Validation widget: enable this so that subaccounts in this package have access to the validaiton widget to validate their campaigns.
Validation app: enable this so that subaccounts in this package can use the validation app to validate their campaigns.
Settings page: enable this feature so that your subaccounts can view and adjust their company information. The settings page will be displayed as a button in the menu.
Support form: if enabled, your subaccount can reach out to you by filling out a support form. The support option will be displayed as a button in the menu.
Show amount of campaigns: if enabled, your subaccount can keep track of their number of active campaigns. It's displayed in their dashboard.
Show amount of user interactions: if enabled, your subaccount can keep track of their used user interactions. It's displayed in their dashboard.
Weekly email report: If enabled, the subaccount automatically receives a weekly email report about their account's activities.

Feature List:
Once you have enabled all available features and accesses, it's time to provide a detailed description for the subaccount. Keep in mind that you configure a description that provides more information about the features included in the package. Make sure you also provides more information about the various launch (distribution) methods and integrations included in the package.


3. Launch & integrations

Those are the various distribution you'll include in a package and by which the subaccount can send out their digital campaigns. Simply enable or disable the features for the package. All features have the same work flow as the options in your main account. More information about the various launch methods and the setup is provided in this article: How to launch/distribute a digital coupon

Well done! You have configured your first package.

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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