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How does the layout section of the coupon builder work?

In the layout section of your coupon builder you can change the look and feel of the coupon the way you want it to be.
Here is a guide about the layout section

Coupon Style

Choose the style of your coupon. These are the style that we have:


Upload the logo of your company or the company you work with

Make sure you upload the correct size. The image should have a width of 500px and a height of 100px. If the size is different than the recommended size then you will see that the image will look stretched.
The logo will be displayed at the top of your coupon:

Coupon image

Upload the image you would like to display on your coupon

Make sure you upload the correct size. The image should have a maximum width and height of 620px.
The coupon image will be displayed at the center of your coupon (or right underneath your logo if you have selected 'Rounded landing page' as coupon style)

Coupon main color

Change the color on the body of your coupon

Coupon header/footer color

Change the color on the top and bottom of your coupon

Font & Font color

Select the font that you want to use for your coupon and select the color of your font

Button style & color

Select the style of your button for your coupon. We have 3 styles:

You also have the option to stylize the button border. We have 4 styles:

You can also give that border a color:

Button color & color when hovering

You can choose the color of the buttons on your coupon. You also have the option to choose a color for the buttons when they click/tap on it.

Button text color

The button text colors ties with the button colors. Make sure that the text color and button colors are distinct from each other.

Background style

Choose what type of background you want to have. We have 3 styles:

Solid color

Gradient color

Background image

You can select one of our background images but you can also upload your background image. Make sure that your image is a seamless loop pattern.

Updated on: 05/03/2020

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