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How does the layout section of the coupon directory builder work?

You can change the layout of your coupon directory at 'Settings' and 'Layout'.
Here you can start with changing the font and the background color.

In stead of a solid background color, you can also choose a background image. With this custom background you can select one of our templates or you can upload your own background image. Just make sure that you upload a background image that has a seamless loop.

You can upload a favicon ( 48px by 48px) which will be displayed at the tab of your browser

Next, upload a homescreen icon. This is the image which is visible on the user's smarthphone when the user has downloaded the directory. Pay attention to the image: width/height (192px/192px) and file size: (300kb, jpg/png) If it isn't a square image then customers will not see that icon.

On the 'Cards' tab you can set up the layout of your coupons that are displayed on your coupon directory via Campaigns and Content manager.

Click on 'Homepage' and fill in the title and subtitle of your coupon.

Click on 'General settings' and choose the tab 'Description' to change the description of your coupon.

Updated on: 05/10/2022

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