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How to export statistics and captured data to an Excel file?

Here's how you can see the statistics list properly on your Excel:

1: First you select the statistics of your campaign in your dashboard

2: Click on 'export' and then either click on 'Export without filters' or 'Setup filters'

3: After you have clicking 'Export' you'll see that it has been downloaded on your computer

4: Open Excel first BEFORE you open the .CSV file and open an empty sheet

5: Click on 'Data' and then 'From text / CSV file'

6: click on the .CSV file where you have downloaded it and click on 'Import'

7: Click on load

8: There you have it! A full data list on your excel file

NOTE: If the excel CSV file is not readable this is probably because your Excel version prefers semicolon instead of comma delimiters. You can setup your CSV file seperator settings on the settings page of your dashboard.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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