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How to show your company name and email address as sender in your emails

If you're using our mail system to send mails to your audience, you can customize the email sender address and name. How do you do it? There are 2 options. Follow my lead.

1) Open your coupon builder and navigate to the advanced settings (1). There you find the email address sender and sender name. Enter the email address you want to send emails from and enter your company name. (2)

Every email sent from this coupon will use that email address and name.

At least the silver plan is required to do this.

2) Open your coupon builder and navigate to the launch section. There you'll find the settings of your email. Alter the settings such as sender name, sender email address, subjectline,..

BE AWARE: You can't adjust the email yet if a customers saves your coupon to email. The only thing you can alter is the company name which I have marked in red on the screenshot below. You can alter the company name by following the instructions above. We're working on making the save2email mails customizable too.

All settings in the email marketing settings at the launch tab work perfectly when you're distributing your coupon by email.

Updated on: 27/11/2020

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