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The Coupontools affiliate program - How to become a Coupontools Affiliate

Did you already know that Coupontools has an Affiliate Program that allows you to recommend our services and earn money for every paying customer you refer? Let me show you how it works.

The affiliate program is also available in USD and other currencies.

Where to find it?

Once activated in your account, it's located at your Coupontools account in the left menu.

How does it work?

The only thing your have to do is to let people sign up for Coupontoos through your personal referral URL, The other requirement is that the person your referred becomes a paying customer. You'll earn 20% commission on the purchase. It differs from what plan your referred customer purchased. Check it in the screenshot above.

How can I start?

Simple. You only have to share your PERSONAL referral URL. You can share that URL via your website, blog, social media, app, email,.. From the moment that customers makes a purchase, you'll earn 20% commission on their purchase amount. We also provide some banners and marketing materials to promote your personal referral URL.

Explanation of the dashboard

1) Information about the affiliate program. You'll find here your pesonal URL and potential commission on a yearly subscription.
2) Overview of the status of the people you have referred. This way, you can monitor them yourself.
3) Overview of the all earned and unpaid commission.
4) Marketing Materials ready for you to use to promote your personal referral URL
5) Terms & Conditions you're agreeing on when participating.

Are there other important things to keep in mind?

You'll earn commission as long as your referred customer keeps paying their Coupontools subscription. The moment they quit, your commission will quit as well.
Commission are only paid if above 100€. We pay through Stripe or PayPal.
You need to send an invoice to 'sales@coupontools' concerning the following elements (image below). We'll verify this and pay your commission within 7 working days.

The affiliate program is also available in USD and other currencies.

Updated on: 05/05/2023

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