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How can I alter the Terms & Conditions of my Landing Page?

That's easy. Follow my lead!

Open your Landing Page builder and select a template. You can alter the Terms & Conditions in the Root settings.

The best way to access the Root settings is to press in the footer. (1) The Terms & Conditions sections. Press on it. The 'Edit Root' button shows up above the Landing Page. Press on the 'edit root' button. (2)

The root settings modal opens.

Layout: this is where you manage global settings of your Landing Page. Layout settings such as text color, background color and padding. This affects your entire Landing Page unless you have set up something different for a specific module. The specific module settings over-rule the global root settings.
Footer: This is how you manage your Terms & Conditions and the Powered by settings.

Aktualisiert am: 27/01/2022

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