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How to edit/add a form on/to your Landing Page

All different Landing Page templates include a form by default. But how can you edit that form? Follow my lead!

What is a form? A form is the way to connect your coupon, voucher or loyalty card to your landing page. The form contains a customer action that needs to be fulfilled to receive the coupon.||

1) Navigate to the Landing Page builder. It's located at the integrations page.

2) In your Landing Page Builder, press on 'create Landing Page'. The page below will show up. Select any template (since they all include at least one form). I'm simply taking the first one.

3) Press on the form that's displayed on the Landing Page (1). It will reveal an 'edit form' button. Press on 'edit form'. (2)

4) Now you're able to arrange all settings concerning the form.

Adding a new form to your Landing Page is easy with our Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder. Once again select a template to start from. I'm taking a the second one in the list. The module tab will be opened. Then you simply need to drag and drop a form module on the Landing Page as described in the image below.

Same principle as mentioned above to 'edit the form'. Press on the form on the Landing Page. The 'edit form' button will pop-up. Press on 'edit form' and arrange the settings.

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