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How to set up a Landing Page to distribute my Loyalty Card through Mobile Wallet

The Landing Page is a great asset to allow user registration for your Loyalty Program. Let's have a look how to set one up. Watch the video for an example and follow the step-by-step guidelines to create your own.

Let's open the Landing Page builder. Navigate to 'Integrations' (1). Open the Landing Pages.

Press 'Create Landing Page' (1) and select a Loyalty Card template. I'm using the Burger Bert one. Your Landing Page builder opens.

Let's first adjust the text that's displayed on the Landing Page. It will instruct the user while enrolling himself for your Loyalty Card.

Click on the the text displayed on the Landing Page (1). Then 'edit text' (2)

This is my text: Enter your details and enroll yourself in our Loyalty Program.

Next, let's adjust the data you require for enrollment. Press on the form. (1) The 'edit form' button appears. (2)

The form settings modal appears. Let's start at the actions tab. (1) Select Loyalty Card as campaign type, (2) and Wallet as send type. (3) Select the Loyalty Card you want to use for this Landing Page.

Now let's alter the 'input tab'. (1) A couple of entry's are required for Loyalty Card enrollment those are email address, first name and last name. For Loyalty Card enrollment, the email address the option unique is checked by default. . It is necessary for unique user registration. Press on one to alter it, last name for example. You can decide for yourself if you want to make other inputs also unique or not. It is not necessary. Press on the '+' to add extra inputs. (3)

Navigate to the popup (1). This is a modal that appears after successful submission. It's visible on desktop and appears with a QR code to store you Loyalty Card directly into your Mobile Wallet. If you enroll yourself on mobile, the Loyalty Card is automatically stored in your Mobile Wallet. You can preview the pop up (2)

Layout and Button are both self-explanatory features.

Time to preview!

Press on the 'eye icon' right above the Landing Page. The Landing Page opens. Enroll yourself, hit submit and you'll receive the pop up modal with QR Code to scan. Scan the QR to store the Loyalty Card in your Mobile Wallet.

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