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How to set up a Landing Page for Coupon Directory distribution

It is possible to distribute a Coupon Directory via a Landing Page to unique users. Follow my lead to see how it's done

Let's open the Landing Page builder. Navigate to 'Integrations' (1). Open the Landing Pages.

Press 'Create Landing Page' (1) and select a template. I'm using the bicycle one in my example. Your Landing Page builder opens.

For Coupon Directory distribution via the Landing Page you don't need to add a form to your Landing Page. So let's delete it form this example.

Press somewhere near the red arrow (1). A menu appears. Hit the garbage bin (2). The form will be removed.

You'll notice that an error appeared. It mentions there's no form included. You can safely ignore it for this Landing Page because we aren't using one on purpose.

Now let's add a redirection button to the Landing Page. Open the module tab (1) and drag and drop the redirection module on the Landing Page. (2) You can put it anywhere on your Landing Page but I want it displayed right under my image.

Press on or somewhere near the button (1). The redirection menu appears. Hit 'Edit Redirection Button' (2)

The redirection button menu appears. You can alter the button text (1), add the URL you want to redirect people to (2) and select how the page should open. (3)

Let's quickly grab the directory URL you want to include in your Landing Page. First, make sure to save your Landing Page. Now navigate to the Directory builder and copy the URL of the directory you want to attach to your Landing Page.

Now let's go back to the Landing Page builder to connect the Directory URL to the redirection button. Open the Landing Page builder and select the Landing Page we just set up.
Press once again near the redirection button and select 'edit redirection button.' Now paste the Directory URL in the URL window. I adjust the button text to: proceed.

At the layout tab, you can adjust the look and feel of the redirection button.

Congratulations, you have successfully set up a landing page for coupon directory distribution.

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