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How can I register subaccounts on the platform?

There are 2 ways to sign up subaccounts to the platform. You can either sign them up manually or you can configure a registration form that you can integrate and display on your website.

Registration form
Thanks to the registration form, people can sign themselves up as a (trial) subaccount on the platform that you're reselling. I'll walk you through the setup.


First, open the 'subaccounts' (1) tab in the dashboard and go to 'registration form' (2). Then, at the general settings you can configure the following settings:

Use packages (3) :
If enabled, people can select their own package among the options you have created. Make sure you have enabled the 'visible for customers' features, otherwise it will not be possible. You also need to have at least to visible packages otherwise the customers will be automatically signed up for the only package you provide. The only package will not be displayed on the form as well.

Automated creation (4) :
If enabled, customers who signed up using the registration form are automatically approved. If disabled, you'll first need to approve their application before they can log in and test the features.

Expiration date for trial accounts (5) :
Select how long a trial period last before the trial account expires and becomes inactive. You can select 7 days, 14 days, 30 days or no expiration date.


The form settings give the admin the ability to customize the form to your needs. Follow my lead for a detailed explanation on the setup.

Add country selector:
If enabled, your customers are required to select their country while signing up.

Add phone number field:
If enabled, your customers are required to enter their phone number while signing up.

The title that's displayed above the registration form.

Title after success:
Modal that appears after successful registration.

Title after invalid:
Modal that appears after a failed registration attempt.

Of course, it's also possible to customize the layout of the form to your corporate style.

Show extra details:
If enabled, the fixed text below the button will be displayed on the form. The text is not customizable.

Third-party app installation:
It is possible to integrate third-party app installation code. For example, a Google Analytics code script.

Ready-to-use codescript to embed registration form on your website.
Copy/paste the codescript into your websites broncode.

Sign them up manually.
If you already know your prospects credentials, it is also possible to create a subaccount for them without them having to regsiter themselves through the registration form. To create a sub account, go to 'Subaccount manager' under 'Subaccounts' on your dashboard

Click on the button ' + Add subaccount '

A pop-up will open. Set up the Company name, Email, Password type and Package name and click on 'Proceed'


How do you do that?

Under 'Actions', you can login as your subaccount, manage credits or block/remove the subaccount.

When you click on 'edit', another menu will open. Here (on the left) you can also login as your subaccount or manage the credits. On the 'Profile'-page, you can edit the profile information of your subaccount.

You can give your sub account active campaigns, a coupon domain name, expiration date and a payment status (trial or customer) under the tab 'General'.

On the tab 'Features' you can set up what your subaccount is allowed to do and create.

On the tab 'Launch & Integrations' you can decide what integration they are allowed to use. You can either give them no integration, a select amount of integrations or you can give them all of the integrations (White labeled or including Coupontools branded integrations).

On the 'Logging'-page you can find the log of your subaccounts' activites.

If you have any questions along the road, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Updated on: 29/03/2023

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