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How can subaccounts publish coupons in the admin's coupon directory

How can a subaccount publish coupons in the admin’s coupon directory.
Open your subaccount manager and press edit

Press edit restrictions then enable review manager

Once enabled, log in as your subaccount

Once logged in, navigate to ‘Coupons’ and go to review manager. Open it

Press ‘add campaign for review’

Select the coupon you want to add to the directory. Then hit proceed.

The subaccounts sees the following table. Mentioning it’s processing and still in review.

The Admin Part
The admin receives an email that a coupon is ready for review. You have to approve it to publish it in your directory.
Open the coupon directory tab, then press ‘review manager’

This overview opens. The URL in the blue box allows you to check what the coupon is about.
a. The ‘V is to approve and the X to refuse.’ If you refuse, you can put in a memo why you refused it. For example, not appropriate, bad images,..

Updated on: 19/03/2021

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