It is possible to send push notifications based on the user's location. There are 2 requirements in order to do this.

1. The user needs to save the digital coupon to their Mobile Wallet in order to receive push notifications. 2. The user needs to enable GPS location on their device.

Follow my lead to set it up!

Open a digital coupon in your coupon builder.
Open the general settings (1) and click on locations (2). Press 'add location' (3)

Enter the location's details. For example your store location's address in the red box.

Once the location is set up, let's take care of the save methods. Navigate to after claim (1) and then save methods. (2). Enable 'Save2MobileWallet' (3). Customize the push notification message (4).

When the user has enabled the GPS location on their mobile device and saved the coupon to their Mobile Wallet, they'll receive a push notification on their smartphone's home screen when they're near the location you've set up.
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