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How to setup specific integrations for subaccounts?

How to set up specific integrations for subaccounts?

Example: you are using subaccounts for your clients and you want to only give them access to a few specific integrations.

Create a subaccount
Go to "edit subaccount"

There are 2 possibilities to adjust your subaccount:

Account restrictions

Here you can adjust the visible menu buttons for your subaccounts.
You can set up very specific permissions and access rights:

The subaccount may create, edit and remove Coupons but can only view their Loyalty Cards and doesn't see anything of the Vouchers.


Adjust which integrations or distribution methods your subaccount has.
You are in charge of which integrations are accessible for your subaccounts.
You can also choose to hide all, show all, or show a specific range of distribution methods.

Updated on: 30/07/2020

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