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How to whitelabel/rebrand the Coupontools platform

Before reselling under your branding, white labeling the platform is necessary to hide the Coupontools connection. Let's see how it's done!

You can only rebrand the platform if you have an active silver or gold license.

First, log into your account press on 'white label' (1) then branding (2).

Upload your logo. Pay close attention to the logo dimensions for the optimal result. Max file size: 300kb (jpg/png) Maximum image width/height: 500px/100px

This logo will be shown on the platform, the login page and your mail communication with your subaccounts.

Customize the platform's colors.

Primary button color: the main color of a button when selected.
Primary button color: hover = Color that becomes visible when you hover your cursor over the button that's selected.
Menu button color: main color of menu buttons when not selected.
Menu button color hover: when you're hovering over a menu button that you haven't selected yet.
Background color: of the menu tab.

Login page
You're only allowed to customize the login page if you have an active custom domain license. An active custom domain license allows you to:

Upload a custom login page background.
Display a custom domain as login domain.

Purchase your custom domain license at your admin account's plans & prices.

Powered by
The powered by settings are visible in your digital campaigns, the platform but also your mailing communication with your subaccounts.

Keep in mind you can only customize the login URL and the background image if you have an active custom domain.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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