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Is it possible to save the coupons in my mobile wallet like Apple Wallet, Apple Passbook, WalletPasses for Android?

Yes, each coupon can be stored in the Apple Wallet or Android WalletPasses.

Watch the video for some guidance!

Where can I enable the Save2MobileWallet feature?

To enable this on our Beta coupon builder, go to 'After Claim' and click on the sub menu 'Save options'. There you will see the option 'Save2MobileWallet'

How can a user store the coupon to his mobile wallet?

Users can save their coupons on mobile wallet after they have done a claim action. The users will see that they have 2 options, either use the coupon now (for validation) or save it for later.
If they press 'Use later' They will either see 'Save to WalletPasses' or 'Save to Apple Wallet' depending on what software they use.

What are the advantages of storing coupons to the wallet?

It works offline too
It will show a home screen nearby notification based on the users GPS location
It can connect with a beacon to show a nearby notification
It's a standard app available on every iOS device

Updated on: 19/02/2021

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