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my coupons show "this is a protected coupon", how can I disable this?

Have you ever been denied access to a coupon while this message popped up? Then you probably have 'single-use coupon mode' enabled. Follow my lead to disable it!

You need to have the exact access URL for access to the coupon. It prevents your coupon from being used multiple times by the same person.

How can I disable this feature?

Open the specific coupon in the coupon builder. Navigate to the advanced settings. (1) Scroll to the bottom of your advanced settings. There you'll find 'enable single-use coupon mode' (2).

If switched on, the above mentioned message will appear. Your coupon is protected and the correct access link is needed for access.
If switched off, your coupon is multi-use. Users can use it on multiple devices.


Open the specific coupon in the coupon builder. Navigate to 'Launch' (1). Keep in mind that you first have to activate your coupon for access to the single-use codes. (2) In the last row you'll see 'single-use codes' (3). Click on it.

The page below opens. Here you can switch between a multi-use or single-use coupons. Switch it to multi-use and the 'this is a protected coupon' message will disappear.

For access to the single-use codes / single-use coupon mode integration, you'll need a silver or gold license.

Updated on: 24/05/2023

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