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How to launch/distribute a digital coupon

Once you have created your digital coupon, it's time to distribute the coupon to the right audience. Follow my lead, I'll walk you through the various distribution methods.

First open the coupon in your coupon builder and navigate to the launch tab. (1)

Another way to get there is to click on the 'actions' drop down and hit 'launch coupon'. (2)

The distribution methods:

Generic Coupon URL
This is the URL you share for successful (multi-use) distribution. You include this URL in your Social Media posts, emails,.. Learn more about how to share the generic coupon URL.

Push notifications
You can only send out push notifications for coupons that are stored in the Mobile Wallet. So the first thing you have to do to use the push notifications is allow the save2MobileWallet feature. If the user saved the coupon into their Mobile Wallet, you can send out immediate push notifications directly to the coupon user. Great method to message your coupon users a call to action. Learn how to set it up!

Social Media
Built-in social media integration to immediately publish your digital coupons on social media. It includes the main social networks and allows you to compose a text that's shared on your social media with your coupon. Here's how to distribute your coupon properly.

Website integration
It is possible to embed your digital coupon directly into your website. If you click on 'website integration' you'll find an Iframe integration and WordPress integration codescript that you can use to embed the digital coupon directly into your website. Learn how to configure it!

QR Codes
The Coupontools software provides a built-in QR code generator to distribute your digital coupons through a QR code. Customize the layout, generate the QR code and finally download the QR code in your desired size. Be aware: this QR code is meant for MULTI-USE meaning every customer can scan the QR codes and it generates a unique digital coupon for every scan.

Email Marketing
This distribution method uses the Coupontools email marketing tool to distribute your digital coupon. It is possible to send it to one single receiver but also to a group of contacts. Customize the layout, sender, sender name, subject and text. It's also possible to use personalized field names in your email distribution. Here's more information on the email marketing setup.

Email Integration
This distribution methods let you use your own email tool to distribute your digital coupons. You'll find ready-to-use embed codes that allow you to display your digital coupon directly into your email in your beloved format such as a button, clickable image, logo, banner, QR code,.. Simply copy and paste the code script into your email via your email software.

SMS Marketing
Use the in-house SMS marketing tool to directly distribute your digital coupons through an SMS. Select if you want to send it to one or multiple receivers, add your coupon, select your contact list, customize the text and choose to immediately send out or to schedule your SMS. Here's some more information about the setup.

Website pop-ups
Distribute your digital coupons through interactive website pop-ups. There are various pop-up formats you can use for coupon distribution such as: an exit intent, scroll intent, a timer or a click able tab. Learn how to set up interactive website pop-ups.

Kiosk solution
Directly distribute your digital coupon through a mobile marketing kiosk. You first have to activate your digital coupon before you can use mobile kiosk distribution.

Kiosk soluiton is on request! Get in touch with support for access.

Generate smartlinks for your digital coupons instead of using the default generic URL. It is possible to add a customized suffix to the URL. Check this webpage for more information about the setup.

Add to Directory
Directly publish your digital coupon in your coupon directory. Here's everything you need to know about publishing coupons in a directory.

Only available in the silver and gold plan.

Single use codes
Generate secure single-use access URLs to distribute your digital coupons. People can ONLY access your digital coupon with the correct access URL. This is the secure counterpart of the generic coupon URL. You'll first have to activate your digital coupon before you can generate single-use codes for your digital coupon. Check how to generate single-use access codes for your coupons.

Only available in the silver and gold plan. It's also on request. Get in touch with support to request your access.

Distribute your coupon or transfer data generated through you coupon with Zapier to other relevant tools. Check out which pre-programmed zaps you can use.

Only available in the silver and gold plan.

Updated on: 14/06/2021

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