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Can Coupontools design digital campaigns/coupons for me? How does it work?

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It is possible to hire our graphic designer Dena, to create outstanding digital campaigns for you.

If you're looking for beatiful campaign designs, you can add an order. How do you this? Log in to your Coupontools account and press 'add order' in your dashboard.
Another option is to get in touch with us and provide us all necessary details regarding your digital campaign.

Here's how it works:

Some information about what details we need for the design:

What is your idea?

Give a detailed summary of your campaign setup, flow, and objectives, so Dena understands the bigger picture of your required campaign type.

Select your distribution method:

Most distribution methods require different visuals and texts. Please select how you're going to distribute your campaign and provide us the necessary texts and visuals.

Campaign requirements.

Select what type of campaign you want. Provide all necessary details such as images, logo, texts.

Select your save method:

Save methods aren't required. If you want to allow users to save your campaign, indicate what save methods you're allowing.

Select your validation method:

Indicate how you're going to validate the coupons. Validation widget (unique code) validation, on mobile device (password) validation, or QR code validation. If you select one of the last 2 options, a window appears for you to enter a master password to validate campaigns.

Redeem Locations:

Provide details about the participating redeem locations. Be as accurate as possible. We need the address, email address, opening hours, website URL, phone number. If you're using multiple redeem locations, it is possible to set up a unique password for every participating redeem location.


This window only appears if you have selected a gamified coupon design. Specify the number of prizes, the odds, max. Winners, prize texts. Please include prize image files in the window below (additional campaign information).

Anything else you'd like Dena to know about?

Upload image ideas or/and summaries about the campaign objective/flow here. In short, upload everything that might be of any help for our graphic designer, Dena.

Est. Cost:

This is the estimated cost price of the campaign design based on the needs you indicated. This is the estimated price that will be charged.

Any questions or unclarities while filling in the order form? Get in touch with our support team!

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