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Can I make vouchers with a payment integration?

Yes, that is possible!
Our coupons can be turned into a voucher which allows you to collect payments.

To set this up, create a new coupon.
After you have set up your coupon design it's time to set up the payment method by going to 'Claim Action(s)' and select 'Edit Action'

You will automatically go to the payment menu setup if Make a payment or Enter personal data + Make a payment is selected.

After you have set up and linked your payment account, it's time to set up the payment option(s) (The value of the voucher(s)).
On the payment page you can see that you can add 5 payment options. Of course, it is not obligatory to make use of all 5 of them. You can setup just 1 payment option

on the 1st payment option you write down the value of your voucher.

This is how the voucher will look like after you have set up the payment option

Aktualisiert am: 27/01/2022

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