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Setup guide: What do you need to take care of before you start reselling

If you're reading this article, you are considering reselling the Coupontools software under your own branding! Great! You'll definitely enjoy it! I'll describe you step-by-step what you need to take care of so that being ready to start reselling!

Keep in mind that you can only resell the platform if you have an active silver or gold license.

Rebrand the platform
First, let's ensure that if you're reselling the platform that there's no Coupontools connection visible anymore! Here's how to do it: ARTIKEL LINKEN WHEN PUBLISHED.

Manage the settings. (OPTIONAL but recommended)
As an admin account, you have the possibility of showing an introduction page, content page and a contact page. It's also possible to add third-party app installations. Here's more information about it.

Set up packages
Next, let's configure a package. You can either assign a specific package to a subaccount or let the subaccount chose between your packages themselves. Here's how to set up the packages.

Configure payment settings
All payments are done through Stripe. To configure your payment settings, you need to create or connect your Stripe account to Coupontools. Next, you can transfer your packages into Stripe.


Set up registration form or sign up subaccount manually

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