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Capture Money Spent Value during/after validation

The return of investment is one of the most critical metrics to pay attention to. Everyone want to know exactly what every dollar spent brings in. The money spent value feature during and after validation, will give you that insight. There are 2 different methods to do so.

1) Money Spent Value during validation
When the merchant is about to validate the coupon on the user's device, by scanning the QR code or by using the validation app, there's a window shown where your staff can quickly enter the money spent value for that customer. This way you have an overview of how many turnover the given discount is responsible for. This is how you set it up.

Open your coupon in the coupon builder. Navigate to the 'after claim' page (1)-> Validation methods (2). Toggle the feature 'Ask for 'money spent' (3) value during validation'. If enabled, there's a window shown to enter the money spent value of that customer. If active, this feature is by default required.

This is how it looks on the coupon:

Validation with the validation app

2) Ask more user data after validation
This option is found just below the 'Money Spent value during validation' If enabled, there's an additional form shown right after the validation. None of the fields on the form are required. Check the screenshot for an example.

This is what the form after validation looks like.

Both features are available in the silver and gold package.

Updated on: 26/11/2020

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