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On Request Coupontools Features

In addition to our existing pricing plans and features within those plans, there are also a lot of 'on request features'. I have summarized the most convenient and exciting ones below.


Coupon tags
Option to label coupons with tags. Mainly used for the admin to have a better and neater coupon overview in the control panel.

Redirection button on homepage of your Coupon.
Use the Coupon as a Landing Page. You can hyperlink the button to redirect users to another web page. Keep in mind this means there are no next steps on your Coupon.

Extra buttons on validation page
A redirection or extra button on the validation page. This way you can redirect the users to another web page.

Locations on print page
Possibility to show the addresses of your locations on the printed Coupons.

Coupon validation availability
Feature to set up timings when it’s possible for customers to validate the Coupon. Perfect to schedule traffic.

Second barcode on coupon
Possibility to display a second barcode on your Coupon’s validation page

Flexible expiration date
Using the flexible expiration date you can set up an expiration date based on a gesture. For example: The Coupon expires 3 months after the user opened coupon.

Redirect when Coupon expired
Redirect users to another webpage when the Coupon expired.

Redirect after Coupon validation
Redirect users to another webpage after successful validation

Install app claim method
Require users to download your app before using the discount

Redirect button after claim
Redirect users to another webpage after they have completed the claim. A web shop for example.

Custom CSS
This feature allows you to customize the layout of your Coupon.

Limit number of claims/validations per coupon
Feature allows you to limit the number of times users can claim or validate the coupon. If the limit has been reached, new entrees can't claim or validate the coupon anymore. Here's more info about the setup.

Limit number of user interactions (opens)
Feature allows you to limit the number of opens of your entire campaign. If the limit has been reached, new entrees can't open/access the coupon anymore. Here's more info about the setup.


Request access to the payment provider Paymentwall to accept payments in voucher.


Additional games and/or custom game development
Get in touch if you’re looking for other games than our existing ones.

Validation codes per prize
Display unique validation codes per prize on a gamified Coupon. Here's some more information about the setup.


Get in touch if you’re looking for a coupon-based digital loyalty program.


Review manager
Review campaigns of subaccounts before they’re displayed in the admin’s Coupon Directory.

3rd level categories
This feature allows you to display 3rd level categories in your Directory.

3rd party integrations
Allow third party integrations on your directory using their code script.

Facebook login
Allow Facebook Login for directory registration

Coupons per radius/google maps
Using this feature you can accurately show the Coupons in a specific radius on the Google Map.

Payments in Directory

Custom payment
Possibility to set up a custom payment process for your Directory.

Promocode system
This feature allows you to set up a promocode flow for your Directory

Recurring payments
Set up recurring payments for your Directory

Stripe checkout with Stripe promocode system
Possibility to allow Stripe checkouts with a promocode system


Get in touch if you’re looking for customized Landing Page add-ons.


Validation stamps
Get in touch if you want to validate digital coupons, vouchers or loyalty cards using the physical validation stamps.

With this feature you can customize the suffix of your campaign’s URL

Automation tool
Set up automated process after specific events happen on your coupon, voucher or loyalty cards. Perfect for marketing automation!

Basic Survey tool
Set up coupon-based surveys to boost completions and reward respondents.

Single-use code generator
Generate secure single-use access URLs for your Coupons. Users can only access the coupon if they have the correct single-use URL.

Get in touch with support to check what features could be relevant for your case!

Updated on: 25/06/2021

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