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What's the difference between single-use codes and validation codes

The main difference is that single-use codes are meant for secure and unique distribution while validation codes are meant for secure validation.

Single use codes
"Single use" security mode.
Single use codes have a unique coupon URL for every consumer. e.g.
These coupons can only be accessed via the entire URL and can only be validated once.
Those single-use codes have nothing to do with validation, but with distribution.

There are 4 ways to work with single-use codes

Landing Page Integration
The landing page distribution method simplifies the approach. Enable single-use mode for your coupon and the landing page automatically assigns unique single-use access URLs for every distributed coupon. Have a look at the article for more information.

Single-use code generator
This feature is located at the integrations tab or at the launch section of your coupon. You can generate batches of 10 000 unique single-use coupon codes that you can export to a CSV file. Read the file for more information about the setup.
Keep in mind that the single-use code generator is an on request feature. Get in touch with the support team to ask for access.

Send out single-use coupons through SMS. Simply add the coupon to your message and a unique single-use access URL is automatically generated for every recipient.

It is possible to publish single-use coupons in a coupon directory. More information about the setup can be found here.

The Directory is only available in the Silver or Gold plan.

Validation codes
You can import or generate validation codes which are displayed on the coupon. The cashier enters the unique code into their validation app or widget for successful validation. Learn more about the setup!

Updated on: 09/06/2021

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