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Can I setup an auto-responder to automatically send out a coupon per SMS?

It is possible to set up auto responders for your phone number. An auto-responder is a predefined keyword that people can send to your number and if it matches your auto-responder keyword they'll receive an automated message (possibly with coupon) from your number.

First thing to do? Purchase a number.

You need to have a paid license to be able to purchase a number.

Purchase number

Navigate to 'distribution' (1) and select SMS marketing (2). Click on 'login'.

Then go to 'Pricing' and scroll down to 'Virtual SMS Number availability'.

Select the country and after that the number of your preference and hit 'purchase number'.

Next, click on 'confirm payment' to complete the purchase of your number.

The auto-responder setup

Once you have complete the purchase of your number, lets set up an auto-responder for it.

Navigate back to 'inbox' (1) and then select 'your numbers' (2).

Press 'add keyword' or 'manage advanced settings' to set up the auto-responding keyword.

Now scroll down and select 'add auto-responder rule'

The following modal appears to arrange all settings.

Select 'every inbound message with keyword' (1) then enter the keyword in the first 'message content' window (2). I'm using 'pizza'.

Select 'send a reply message' (3).

Customize the sender (4) you want to send out your message from. Then enter the message content in the window (5)

If you want to send out a digital coupon, you should paste the coupon URL in the message content.
Finally, hit save (6)

This is what my example message looks like:

Congratulations! You have successfully set up auto-responders.

Updated on: 19/07/2023

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