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How to set up website pop-ups with coupons embedded?

Let's have a look on how to set up website pop ups on your website.

The setup

Open a coupon in your coupon builder. Then navigate to the launch section (1) and select website pop ups (2)

Press on the green '+' to add a website pop up.

First let's make adjustments in the website pop up's settings tab. Name your pop up and select a theme.

Themes: 1) Modal: A modal pops up on the visitors screen. 2) Peel: Website pop up displayed as a sticker. 3) Shift Right: The website popup appears on the page from the right-hand side. 4) Side bar: The website pop up is displayed as a sidebar on the website. I'm using 'modal' in my example.

Enable 'shake' if you want the pop up to shake to capture the visitor's attention. Set up for how long it has to shake. Enable if there's a sound when the website pop up triggers.

Now navigate to the 'trigger method tab'. Select a trigger method (I selected scroll intent) and configure how much of the page should be scrolled before the website pop up appears.

Finally, let's configure the advanced settings.

Enable cookies if you don't want the same website pop up to fire again when someone has already seen it.

Enable page targeting to only display the pop up at a specific page. Paste the specific page's URL in the window.

Once this is set up, hit 'generate'. You'll notice that the code script of your website pop up appears right below it. Copy and paste it into your website.

What is the difference between the types?

Exit Intent: You can trigger the Popup when it seems like your visitor is about to leave your webpage.

Scroll Intent: You can trigger the Popup when your visitor scrolled a certain % of your webpage.

Delayed Show: You can trigger the Popup when your visitor stayed a certain amount of seconds on your webpage.

Clickable Tab: Add a clickable tab icon to your website that visitors can click on to launch the Popup with the coupon.

How does the targeting work?

Page Targeting: By default the script works on all pages.
If you only want to display the script for example on the "homepage" add the page URL name to this field.
To target only the homepage add "home" to the page targeting.

Cookies: If enabled our script it will store a cookie on the device and only show the pop-up once. If the user comes back he will not see the pop-up again.

Visual effects?

Shake: if enabled the screen will shake when the pop-up is fired.
Sound: if enabled we will play a sound when the pop-up is fired.

Updated on: 17/05/2021

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