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Which coupon distribution channels can I use?

Coupontools is a cross-media platform for coupon distribution across all marketing channels.

You can send email campaigns from our dashboard or connect with Mailchimp, Hubspot, Customer IO, Constant Contact, YLMP or Campaign Monitor.

We have an advanced SMS software integration.
You can schedule bulk SMS campaigns and setup auto responders.

Social media
Share your coupons on social media; Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Linkedin

In apps
You can integrate our platform in your existing IOS & Google Play apps.

On (mobile) websites
Our coupons can be integrated into (mobile responsive) websites. Add highly-visible coupons to your website to convert visitors into customers.
We also have a tool to show coupon popups to visitors based on behavior. (e.g. exit intent, timing, scroll intent, clickable tab)

Landing Pages
You can distribute your digital Coupons through Landing Pages. Perfect for displaying more information, capturing extra customer data or/and for a even more secure distribution. Have a look at the integrations tab and set up an amazing Landing Page yourself!

Mobile Coupon Directory
This is a digital Coupon Catalog. Collect all your current digital Coupons and Vouchers in one digital place. The Coupon Directory integrates perfectly in your existing website, app and Facebook Page.

QR codes
For print advertising, you can create QR codes to hyperlink to the coupons.

WiFi networks
Give consumers free access to your WiFi and redirect their browser to your mobile coupon.

NFC tags
Connect NFC tags to our coupons. Phones with NFC enabled can be held close to the NFC tag to load the mobile coupon.

A beacon is a proximity awareness feature that triggers a reaction in the consumer's phone or tablet to which he or she can respond via an app.

Beacons only work with Native apps. You can read more about why Google has stopped nearby push notifications:

Updated on: 23/02/2021

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