Our mobile coupons can be integrated into (mobile responsive) websites. Our platform automatically generates banners and iframe HTML code which you can embed in your website.

Banner integration
We offer different banner formats which you can integrate in your website.
The banner acts as an image on a website. If the user clicks on it then they will be redirected to the coupon link.

Iframe opt-in integration
We offer different opt-in iframe HTML subscription forms which you can integrate in your website.

Website pop-ups
We have a plugin where you can create website popups (exit intent, scroll intent, after x time on website).

Here are some example pop-ups:

popup triggered on exit intent
popup triggered on 30% scroll percentage OR the clickable tab
popup triggered on 50% scroll %

API integration
We offer an API (webservice) that allows you to integrate our coupons in your website.
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