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Can I use UTM Parameters combined with coupons?

Why UTM parameters?

By tagging your URLs with UTMs, you can get a good understanding of how your visitors interact with your website. Here’s how these parameters appear at the end of your URL.

UTM parameters are stubborn entities that stick to your links, even when you switch to different networks and mediums.

That means if a visitor picked your coupon (tagged with a UTM) from Twitter to share on Facebook, it would still count as a share from Twitter.

How to create my UTM parameters?

We advice to use Google URL builder for creating your personal UTM tags.

Here are the 5 form fields that you need to complete:
Campaign Source – The platform (or vendor) where the traffic originates, like Facebook or Google or Newsletter
Campaign Medium – You can use this to identify the medium like Cost Per Click (CPC), social media, affiliate or QR code.
Campaign Term – You’ll use this mainly for tracking your keywords during a paid AdWords campaign. You can also use it in your display ad campaigns to identify aspects of your audience.
Campaign Content – If you’re A/B testing ads, then this is a useful metric that passes details about your ad. You can also use it to differentiate links that point to the same URL.
Campaign Name – This is just to identify your campaign. Like your website or a specific product promotion.

Which URL should I use to combine my UTM tags with my campaigns?

Example regular coupon URL :
Coupon URL including UTM parameters:


UTM parameters provide extremely valuable insights about your traffic. You can excavate a goldmine of your audience’s behavioral data with them, boost your sales, and refine your overall marketing effort.

Additional data capture fields

Besides the UTM tags it's also possible to add other fields exactly the same as UTM tags.

firstname - first name
lastname - last name
email - email
phone - phone number
address - address
zip - zip
city - city
custom1 - custom field 1
custom2 - custom field 2
custom3 - custom field 3

Example Coupon URL including addional parameters:

Updated on: 16/02/2021

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