To share your coupon through SMS, go to 'Integrations' and select 'SMS marketing'

Click on 'Login' and you will be redirected to '' on a new tab.

To send a coupon to 1 receiver, click on 'Send SMS' under 'Shortcuts' and you will go to 'Send SMS' where you can set up your SMS coupon

You can also go to 'Send SMS' by clicking on 'Send SMS' on the left menu and select 'SMS message'

Here's an explanation about setting up your text message:

By default you can send out your text messages from 1 of the 3 different phone numbers (Canada, USA and Belgium).
But you can also purchase a virtual number from us if you don't want to use 1 of our 3 phone numbers.

Write down to which phone number you want to send the coupon to on 'Mobile phone number'.

Write down your message on 'Message content'

Choose the coupon you want to send on 'Select Coupon' and you will see the following on 'Message content' [DO-NOT-REMOVE-THIS-UNIQUE-COUPON-CODE-GENERATOR]

You can have a maximum of 160 characters for your message. If your message contains more than 160 character then it will send 2 text messages instead of 1

You can also set up a message template instead of writing down your message manually. A message template is a pre-written text. You can set this up by going to 'Advanced' on the left menu and select 'Message templates' under 'Module management'

Last, you have the option to either send out the SMS coupon immediately or on a certain time and date

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