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How do I embed a coupon in my WordPress website?

Make sure that Auto iframe is installed as a plugin for your Wordpress website.

If the plugin is installed, go to the launch section of the coupon you would like to embed in your WordPress website.

In the Launch section you will find 'Website & App Integration'.

Copy the iframe link from WordPress integration and paste it on your WordPress page. The system will recognize it as a shortcode.

It could be that the iframe is cropped out or doesn't show the coupon completely.

For this, you will have to play with the height and witdth and remove 'autosize=yes' from the iframe link. We recommend you to change the height of the iframe from 100% to 1200px (height=100% -> height=1200px)

Once you have done these changes, you will see that the coupon will be fully shown on your WordPress website.

If you work with Elementor PRO, do the following:

select the 'HTML' widget in the Elementor menu and place it on your website

On the menu of Elementor you will see an empty field box.

Copy and paste the iframe link from Iframe integration on the field box and you have successfully embedded your coupon directory in your WordPress website with Elementor

You can also adjust the height and width of your iframe link so that it would fit better on your website.

Updated on: 19/10/2020

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