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How do I import a list of my contacts on my SMS integration?

To add a list of contacts on your SMS integrations, go to 'Contacts' on the left menu and select 'Import'.

Select 'Advanced import' if you have a CSV file of all your contacts. After you have imported your list then you will be able to select that list for your group SMS.

Make sure that the first row of your CSV file contains the column headers (name, firstname, phone, etc.), the delimiter has to be a semicolon ( ; ) and the maximum file size should be 5mb.

You can download an example CSV file by clicking on the following link:

After you have uploaded your CSV file select which fields belongs to what (you don't have to select them all)

Select if you want to add the list to an existing group or add the list in a new group and press 'Import'.

The list has been successfully imported on your SMS integration

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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