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How to change your campaign browser's tab title

In this article I'll show you how to customize the browser tab title of your digital campaigns.

1. Voucher & Coupon Builder

There are 2 ways to change the coupon/voucher browser tab's name. It's either the coupon/voucher title or the share settings title that's displayed. The share settings title has priority on the coupon title. So if you have filled out the share settings title, it will be displayed over the coupon title. If you leave the share settings title blank, the coupon title will be displayed in the browser tab.

OPTION 1: Share settings title

Open your coupon or voucher in the builder. Navigate to advanced settings (1) and then select share settings (2). The title is displayed in your browser tab (3).

OPTION 2: Coupon/voucher title

Open your coupon or voucher in the builder. Navigate to the home page (1) and customize the coupon title (2). This title will only feature as browser tab name if the 'share settings title' is blank.

2. Directory Builder

Open your coupon directory in the builder. Navigate to general settings (1). The directory name features as the browser tab title (2).

The Coupon Directory is only available in the silver or gold plan.

3. Landing page

Open your landing page. Navigate to 'integrations' and select 'landing page'.

Go to 'general settings' (1) and customize the landing page name (2).

4. Mobile Marketing Kiosk

Open your Mobile Marketing Kiosk builder via 'integrations'.

Add a new kiosk or edit an existing one. The Kiosk's name is displayed in the browser tab.

The Kiosk Feature is on request. Get in touch with support to request your access.

Updated on: 18/06/2021

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