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How to distribute single-use coupons using third-party mailing platforms such as mailchimp, constant contact,..

The Coupontools software provides 2 methods to distribute digital coupons through email.

Built-in email marketing tool: a detailed explanation about the setup is described in this article.
Using third-party email platforms such as:
Campaign Monitor
Constant Contact


Coupons send out via the integrations Couontools provides are automatically meant for single-use. People can only redeem the coupon once and the coupon gets locked upon validation.
Coupon can measure the money spent value before/after validation. You'll have a better understanding of your campaign's ROI.
Track the status of your coupons. You'll end up knowing how many people opened, claimed and redeemed your coupon.

The setup

I'll explain how to distribute your digital coupons using MailChimp. The approach for other mailing integrations is quite the same.

How to get there?

First open your coupon in the coupon builder. Then go to the launch tab (1) and press on 'email integration' (2).

You'll stumble on the overview below. Press on MailChimp to follow my lead.

There's a step-by-step guide on how to embed coupons into your MailChimp emails. You can display it as a Hyperlink or as a QR code into your emails

Login to your personal Mailchimp account, go to "campaigns" and click on "edit".

Drag the custom "CODE" integration to the positon where you want to embed the coupon.

Click on the "edit" icon.

Copy and paste the embed code found below in the input field.

There are ready-to-use codescripts that you can integrate into your MailChimp emails to embed your coupon into your mails as a:

Text + Hyperlink (No image)
Coupon logo
XL Coupon Image
Banner size image (200x600)
Table with coupon image, business name, coupon title, subtitle and button (+- 150x250)

The image is just an indication of what it looks like


Same guidelines as for the hyperlink embed.

You can embed various QR codes in different sizes into your mail.


The image is just an indication of what it looks like

Updated on: 09/06/2023

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