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How to resell SMS services / assign SMS credits to sub accounts?

If you're reselling the Coupontools platform, your subaccounts will need balance to send out their digital campaigns.

This are the guidelines for main accounts on how to take care of it.

First of all, the main account has to provide access to the subaccount to the SMS integration. How do you do it?

First you'll have to allow the integration for your subaccounts

Go to your sub account manager. Navigate to the subaccount, press 'edit'.

Click on 'Launch & Integrations' tab and allow 'SMS marketing'. The subaccount now has access to the SMS platform.

Then your subaccount needs to activate the SMS marketing. They can do this themselves, or you can login as your subaccount and do this for them. Inside the subaccount, you'll need to open SMS marketing under Distribution.

There, you can click on 'Connect integration'

After that, you can Click the green Proceed button to connect.

Now your subaccount has access to the SMS marketing feature.

The main account has to assign credits to the account. How do you do that?
Go back to the subaccount manager in your main account and click on 'Actions' and 'Manage SMS credits' at the right subaccount.

A pop-up will open where you can assign credits to the subaccount. (1 credit = 1 SMS)

How does a sub account request the main account for credits?

A sub accounts can opt to 'order credits' in their SMS dashboard.

They'll be redirected to the page below. There they'll find out that they have to get in touch with you (the main account) for more balance.

Updated on: 28/04/2023

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