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What is the correct URL to distribute my coupon to my customers?

Multi use coupons
If you want to share your coupon to your customers, make sure that you copy the URL like this:

This is a multi-use coupon URL. If you share the link like this then everyone will have access to it.

Watch out:

If you share the link like this:
then you will see that it is a much longer URL and this is incorrect. The long URL contains the unique ID for 1 specific customer can cannot be shared with others.

Single use coupons
If you need more security (single use coupons) you'll need to give each customer a unique single use URL. If you use our email or SMS integration we automatically give each receiver a unique URL so they cannot share it with friends or use multiple times.

Read here more about single use urls:

Updated on: 22/10/2019

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