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Can I use your coupons as a landing page for a PPC ad?

Sure you can use Coupontools Coupons combined with your ads. With Coupontools Coupons as your landing page you can track back your ads from an ad click to an in-store validation.
In this article I'll give you our best practices.

Which URL to use?

All our Coupons are HTML5 and have a unique URL for every campaign.
You can use that URL as a landingspage.

Please note you can also use UTM tags in Coupontools to track each individual Coupon. Read more about UTM tags

Less clicks = more results

You can optimize your Coupon to have less clicks with improved results

Regular coupons
If you create a regular Coupon you are able to "skip the homepage" so thevisitor lands immediately on the claim action page of the Coupon.

You can capture the email address, phone number or other data on the landing page + automatically send the Coupon through email after form completion.

Gamified coupons
If you create a gamified Coupon you are able capture data BEFORE playing the games.

Optionally, you can also use "Social login": Login with Facebook before accessing a regular or gamified Coupon. Can be used in combination with Facebook ads and gives additional security: only one Coupon per Facebook profile is allowed.

Automatically saved to email

You can enable an auto-save to email feature after capturing the email address in the step above.
The client can never lose the coupon and does not need to save it manually.

Single Use

The landing page is secured with a tracking cookie and the saved Coupons are using a unique URL which can be validated only once.

Tracking pixels

Our platform has the capability to embed Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and other tracking pixels (after opening, claiming or validation)
Note: These are only available in Silver and Gold license.

In-store validation

Coupons can be validated in-store so you can track back the amount of validations.
Read more about validation

Capture money spent

After validation, we ask the merchant to enter the money spent value. It will be stored in the stats and gives you the ability to calculate the entire ROI of your ad campaign.


View and export all capture data in our statistics dashboard.
In the Silver plan, you can use Zapier to sync the data with other tools. In the Gold plan you can use API & Webhooks to access those data.
Read more about statistics

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